Find 40 Horror Movies From The Image Halloween Puzzle


Find 40 Horror Movies from the image Halloween Puzzle

Here's a little Halloween fun! What movies do you see!?
we've hidden 40 horror movies in one image!
Please identify the prop/character to find the movie it references.
Name 1 movie from this picture. There are 40.
All the movies are Hollywood Movies.
How many bone-chilling Horror films can you unearth?

Share with your family and friends and find out who is the most spooky movies lover from them.

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Answers :

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Lips)
2. Halloween (The Pumpkin)
3. The Mummy (Bandages)
4. Scream (Black Ghost with White mask)
5. The Shining (Tricycle)
6. Beetle Juice (Black White Striped suit)
7. The Nightmare on Elm Street (Striped Tshirt with Hat mannequin)
8. Shaun of the Dead (Bat and Shovel)
9. Gremlins (Paws in the box)
10. The Sixth Sense (Red Knob of door)
11. The Purge (Peeking Masked man)
12. Poltergeist (Girl with hands on TV)
13. Ghostbusters (Bagpack below lamp post)
14. The Evil Dead (Girl coming out of ground)
15. The Exorcist (Silhouette under lamp post)
16. Alien (Egg Flower shaped object)
17. Ring (The girl coming out of well)
18. Christine (The Car)
19. Blair Witch Project (Stick symbol above the car)
20. The Amityville Horror (House above behind car)
21. Arachnophobia (Spider on tree)
22. Dracula (The Castle)
23. Fog (Mist behind Castle)
24. Frankenstein (Angry mob on hill)
25. Wicker Man (Burning mummy statue)
26. IT (Red Balloon)
27. Silence of the Lambs (Insect on the lamp)
28. Wolf Creek (Wolf yellow road Sign)
29. An American Werewolf in London (Slaughtered lamb sign)
30. Psycho (Bates Motel)
31. Annabelle (Doll rocking on chair) - Also Conjuring
32. Little Shop of Horrors (Mushnik's Shop)
33. Hellraiser (Box in Window)
34. The Lost Boys (Green Frog Comics)
35. Saw (Mask with red cheeks)
36. Friday the 13th (White Mask in window)
37. Chucky (Doll in attic window)
38. The Addams Family (Thing - hand)
39. 28 Days Later (biohazzard sign on Chimney)
40. Sleepy Hollow (Headless man in front of moon)


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