Find the Hidden Fish Puzzle

We'll catch a fish and put it in a dish ........
Find the hidden fish.
1. This fish gives you a wriggly feeling
2. You rarely find this fish climbing up pyramids
3. This fish is a comic oddly but makes very tasty fish fingers.
4. Caesar dined on this tasty fish from the Mediterranean sea
5. The vet put pink ointment on this fish
6. This fish has one extra yellowish green fin
7. Stun amazing ocean fish before cooking it
8. Schools of trained fish jumped through other rings and hoops
9. I wish Arkansas had an ocean, I just Iove salt water fish
10. Downstream is the best route to take if you wish to catch this fish

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1. Eel - fEELing
2. Guppy / Ram - climbinG UP PYramids / pyRAMids
3. Cod - comiC ODdly
4. Sardine - caeSAR DINEd
5. Koi - pinK OIntment
6. Ray - extRA Yellowish
7. Tuna - sTUN Amazing
8. Herring - otHER RINGs
9. Shark - wiSH ARKansas
10. Trout - besT ROUTe


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