Three friends Mr Green Mr Red and Mr Blue suit puzzle


Three friends Mr Green Mr Red and Mr Blue suit puzzle

Three friends, Mr. Green, Mr. Red and Mr. Blue, were returning from a party.
One man wore a green suit, one wore a red suit, and one wore a blue suit.

The man in the blue suit said to the others:
"Have you noticed that none of us is wearing a suit color that matches our own name?"

Mr. Red then turned to him and exclaimed
"You're absolutely right!"

Assume everyone spoke the truth,
What color suit was Mr. Green wearing?

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Mr. Red was replying to the man in the blue suit,
it had to be Mr. Green to whom he replied.
(as Mr. Blue is not wearing blue suit since none of the man is wearing a suit color which matches their name.)
Hence Mr. Green is wearing the Blue Suit.

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