First and Last Letters of words that are opposites

These are the First and Last Letter
of words that are opposites.
Can you guess what they are ?

1. W----R And S----R
2. H-T And C--D
3. D--P And S-----W
4. T------R And A---T
5. E-----E And I-----E
6. C---P And E-------E
7. A---E And B---W
8. Y-------Y And T------W
9. F----E And P--T
10. E--Y And D-------T

Share with your friends and family and see who can find all the opposite words.

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1. Winter And Summer
2. Hot And Cold
3. Deep And Shallow
4. Teenager And Adult
5. Exclude And Include
6. Expensive And Cheap
7. Above And Below
8. Yesterday And Tomorrow
9. Future And Past
10. Easy And Difficult


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