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What are the ten word pairs ?

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Each pair of hints below relates to two words.
One of the words is the other one spelled backward.
What are the ten word pairs?
Example: married, moisture
Answer: wed, dew

1. light source, rodents
2. dwell, wicked
3. retain, sneaking look
4. weapons, tight fit
5. portion, catching device
6. prize, furniture compartment
7. drinking aid, skin blemishes
8. stopper, big swallow
9. implement, stolen goods
10. precinct, illustrate

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1. star, rats
2. live, evil
3. keep, peek
4. guns, snug
5. part, trap
6. reward, drawer
7. straw, warts
8. plug, gulp
9. tool, loot
10. ward, draw


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