Select The Whatsapp Dare Whatsapp Games

Select the Whatsapp Dare .....
Jo aaye wo Karna Padega .....
Do Reply..

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1. Date Me
2. Ice Cream Treat
3. Send Me Ur Cutest Pic
4. Give Me Treat Next Tym
5. Hug Me When U Meet Me Next
6. Put Your Status For A Day Saying "I Am Mad"
7. Make My Picture Your Dp Fr 1Day
8. What Would U Want Our Relation To Be?
9. Send A Voice Note Saying U Love Me In 3 Romantic Way...
10. Call Me And Say My Name In A Loud Voice
11. Delete My Number
12. Write Ur N My Name In Ur Status For 1 Day!
13. What Are Ur Feelings About Me?
14. Tell Me Something You Always Wanted To Say But You Couldn'T...
15. How Do You Want Me To Be?
16. How Do U Describe Me Atleast Six Line
17. Rs 222 Recharge To My Mob
18. Treat Me With A Movie
19. Take Me 4 A Long Drive
20. Dance On Any Song And Send Me The Vdeo
21. Send Me A Voice Note Saying U Love Me In 3 Romantic Ways N Keep My Name In Ur Status
22. Say Me Love U In Ur Styl
23. Take A Picture Of Yourself & Send It To Me Now
24. Send Me A Pic Of You Wearing The Least Clothes On You
25. What Am I To You??
26. Propose Me In 4 Differnt Ways ™¡
27. Be My 1 Day Bf/Gf
28. Tell Me Something You Always.  To Say But You Couldn'T
29. Tell Me 2 Negative Points Abt Me That U Hate The Most
30. Send Me A Picture Of What Ur Doing Now ?
This Is The Ans Of Ur Gift.

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