Who murdered the priest?

There are 5 people who go to a man's party.

1. A teacher
2. A priest
3. A welder
4. A business man
5. A doctor

Known facts
- 4 people did not know why they were invited
- The priest died by suffocation
- It was murder not suicide
- It was during a recession
- 2 of the people invited were married to each other
- 1 person left before the murder occurred

Who murdered the priest?

Answer: The Doctor killed the priest.


Let's call them T, P, W, B and D

1. Since B is male one of T, P, W and D is female.

2. Priests never marry, so P is not female and neither the husband.
Either T, W or D is female.

3. The Doctor did not leave early. The Doctor is the one who declared that P is dead and not unconsious.

4. Since P and D did not leave early, one of T, W and B left early.

5. Husband and wife are more likely to come and leave together, the one who left early is neither the Husband nor the wife.

So what do we have now

6. One person amongst T, W and B left early.

7. One person amongst T, W, D is Wife

8. One person amongst B, T, D, W is the husband.

9. The person who left early is not the wife or husband.

10. From 6 and 7 and 9, we conclude that B left early............ (10)

11. From 9 and 10, we conclude B is not the Husband.............. (11)

So what do we have now?

12. Business man left early

13. T, W and D has a couple within them.

14. From 4 and 13 and 5, T and W is the couple. (14)

15. Four people did not know why they were invited. Which means, both the husband and wife did not know why they were invited. If one knew, the other would know too.

From (14) and (15).. T and W did not know why they were invited. Which means only the doctor knew why he was invited.

Conclusion: The Doctor was invited by the host to murder the Priest.


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