Each Soldier Has 5 Rooms. How Many Legs Are There In The Palace Puzzle

Solve if you are a genius.

You are standing in one big palace where 5 soldiers stay.
Each soldier has 5 rooms. In each room there are 5 big tigers.
Each big tiger has 5 little tigers.
Each tiger has 4 legs.
How many legs are there in the palace?
Take your time, consult your friends and family to give me the correct answer.

Answer: There are a total of 3012 legs in the palace.
Number of soldiers = 5 , their legs = 10
Number of big tigers = 5*5*5, their legs = 125*4 = 500
Number of small tigers = 125*5, their legs = 625*4 = 2500
You are also standing in the Palace, so 2 more legs
Thus total legs = 3012


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