Dare Returns Himmat Ho To Ek Alphabet Choose Kro N Unlock The Darelock Whatsapp Game

Dare returns himmat ho to ek alphabet choose kro n UNLOCK the DARELOCK Jo dare aae vo krna hoga

Do exactly what the UNLOCK DARELOCK says, please don't be a boring person,just have fun & do it,don't be shy!!��������
��A. Kiss me whn v meet till u get satisfied
��B.write my name in ur status for a day and say  u cmmted to me
��C.send me your best picture
��D.tell me d name of ur lover
��E.tell me your biggest secret 
��F.make me laugh
��G. Do a recharge of Rs.50 on my phone .
��H.tell me how much u love/like me
��I.ask me out
��J.tell me that you love me
��K. Get me a recharge of rs 100
��L. Send me a funny picture
��M.  Send me ur sexiest pic
��N. Write my name in ur status wid I Love u❤
��O. .tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life
��P.flirt with me as hard as u can 
��Q.send me a voice of you telling me I am sweet
��R. Put my picture as your dp for 24 hours
��S ask me candle light dinner
��T.ask me to marry  you
��U.write that u love me in your status msg
��V. kiss me when u meet me next time 
��W.tell  nickname
��X.tell me your gf/bf's name
��Y. send me a pic of you 
��Z. Buy me gift


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